will the real king assasin please stand up from sanity to insanity

To the Eternal Father, Jesus Christ my Savior, and the loving Spirit of Almighty God. At seven, I turned rebellious, leading a life of sin. Facing adversity, God’s love and grace prevailed. A testament of faith, love, and second chances.

About Kim Smalls

Kim L. Smalls was born and raised in the New York City area. She was educated by the public school system when prayer was a part of their protocol. She was baptized at the tender and impressionable age of seven. Her father died when she was twelve. She attended Ebenezer Baptist Church until she was eighteen. She graduated with honors from the New York Institute of Technology. At twenty, she gave birth to her daughter, Nikeya, who was later raised by her late grandmother Dutch, as she was affectionately known by her family and friends. She was a Case Manager by profession and lived a life of parties, drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, which included the riotous living of men.

Kim is loving, trustworthy, generous, and kind to a fault. She is humble, meek, and lowly, often misunderstood and taken advantage of by most as a prodigal child of God. She had been living and learning the hard life of schizophrenia in the wilderness for over 30 years.




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